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Lamartine Ghost town townsite and Mine Colorado

Photos Courtesy of Mike Sinnwell June 2003

The Lamartine town site is located in a saddle above 10,000 feet. Just follow the steep 4x4 road past the mine to get there. Yet another Colorado Ghost Town.

A reader writes - Hello there, My Great-Grandfather was Ed Hicks (William Edward Hicks) who worked with his brother Monroe S. Hicks at the Lamartine mines. My GGF left CO and moved back to about 1897  SOMETHING happened in CO. that my G-GF would Not talk about Said he could Never go back to CO. if he did he would have to testify and put a man in jail. ???? Do you know what might have happen?  Also after the 1910 Census Monroe Spruiel Hicks & family I can NOT find It was like the married daughters Teresa Hicks b 1887 Clear Creek m. 1908 Frank O'Connell & Martha Amanda Hicks  b. 1891 married James Kastner 1909 Clear Creek.  & one son Manden P. Hicks b. 1889 Clear Creek.  Disappeared. not in 1920 or 1930 census in US. Does anyone know When the Lamartine Mines closed down Or any info on Monroe S. Hicks family. Thank you  - Kathy    Please write to

A reader writes. - Friday, August 05, 2011-  I am trying to find out how the lamertine mine got its name. i am researching lamertine genealogy and i have a old letter from my ggg grandfather saying they were headed to colo. i think colo was a stop but i don't know for how long. they ended up in Montana. my email is if anyone can help i would appreciate it. his name was Alex Lamertine

Rocky writes - I am not sure that you are aware but the Lamartine mine and town site are spelled differently than your name. ( an a instead of an e) I hate to disappoint you but the Lamartine mine was found by four prospectors named Cooper, Chavanne, Medil and Bougher. They named their gold mine the Lamartine. Why they picked this name I do not know. So I suspect your relatives were not directly involved in the mine or the town.