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This is a transcript of the 1900 diary of Thomas W Roberts while he lived in Russell Gulch, Colorado, and was married to Elizabeth Hughes Jones Roberts (she is our ancestor). Thomas Roberts died in 1901 from a mining accident. This diary was in the possession of Patricia Marie Jones Harris. Transcribed by her daughter Judith Renee Harris Stopper.

There are just a few comments where he (Thomas W Roberts) mentions some bickering neighbors or bad behavior.  When I was in Central City at the courthouse I noticed a glass display case with all kinds of little ledgers or diaries and wondered what in the world could be wonderful in them for me.

 Spelling has been left as written.

* means I'm not sure of the word

 Thos. W. Roberts

            Russell Gulch

                        Gilpin Co.




My Name is Thos. W. Roberts

My Address is Russell Gulch

Gilpin Co   Colo Box 23

In case of accident or serious illness please notify



The make of my Bicycle is _________

The number on the case of my Watch is 589012

adjusted B W Raymond

The number of the works is No 78 3036

The number of my Bank Book is ________

My Weight was __or is now about__

On this Jan 13th 1900 from 135 to 140

and my Height _5 ft_ feet _6_ inches

Size of my Hat _6x7x8_  Gloves_____

 "      Hosiery_ 7 ______Collar__15 ½ (or "16")

 "      Cuffs___________Shoes_ 6__

 "      Shirt __ 15          Drawers _______

Ther. 4             Mon. Jan. 1, 1900       Wea. fine

Hugh Williams and Louis Shafter commence working on the Gold Standard and Gol Bell on the Fall River Side     fine weather for it     Great Ball at the Odd Fellows Hall by the O.D.F.     Will and Annie an children came up and Spend the evening and Mrs. Oliver went down Gulch to Stevens Bros.     Great time at the Ball     every Body had a good time    well pleased with it.  work on the Gold Standard by Hugh Williams

Ther.                Tues. Jan. 2, 1900      Wea.

Willey and Ms. Oliver went to Central     Willy got over Shoe and i was taken down the Boards off of R. O Hughes windows     fixing up the Boards by Will House    it was a fine weather for this time of year    work on the Gold Banner and Gold Standard by By Williams and Louis Shafter

Ther.                Wed. Jan 3, 1900        Wea.

Mrs. went to Central to put the Deeds in the Bank the Randolph and Eldorado Lodes and came Home in good time and bring Willy 50 marbles for staying Home and went to School. look like storm but it didn't     Nettie Palarieo was very Sick     turn*ing black work not he Gold Standard by Hugh Williams and Louis Shafter on the Gold Banner.

Ther. 3             Thurs. Jan. 4, 1900     Wea. fine

Hugh Williams was up after Powder for the Gold Banner     look great deal like Storm    Raising two Smoke Stack on the West Topek Mine     Mr. Smith and other man was up in Delawar Mine     Snow about ½ inch     Hugh Williams and Lou Shafter wa working on the Gold Banner.     and others belong to This W Roberts     Geo Grinsley moved to RO Hughes

Ther.    Fri. Jan. 5, 1900                      Wea. Very fine Day     warm     

fixing up the Coal Shide by the Cabin    great Visit over Mr. Bennett   Mrs. Shawl and children and Mrs. Joheny Williams and children     two Men peddling Pictures Parties moved to Ed Davies House from Neavadville     Snow was melting fast today. Hugh Williams and Lou Shafter working on the Gold Banner Lodes

Ther.                Sat. Jan. 6, 1900                     Wea. Very fine Day   wind chilly  

Miss Sarah Morgans and Mrs. Ed. Griffin and Mrs. Marguritte Rodda came up to see us     Hug Williams and Lou Shafter brought the tools Home from the Gold Banner and Gold Princess claims the Last work for them in about 6 days in Fall River and one for Hugh Williams on the Randolph Extension and two for Lou this will finnies up the night Shift for 2 weeks.

Ther. 1             Sun. Jan. 7, 1900        Wea. fine Very fine Day    

Hugh J. Williams was up     had my Hair Cut and Evan P Owens was over for a while   also Will was going up the Delaware with two or 3 Saw to have them fix file up.  We took a trip over to the Grave Yard to see Monumant of the late Mr. and Mrs Eavns*(Earns?) Festininog    Leo Jones and Mr Griffiths was up the Gulch when we was going over to the Graveyard     Willey was long with us     no Snow on the ground     good many out for a Walk.

Ther. m               Mon. Jan. 3, 1900    Wea. Fine Day

Mrs. John Williams was up this evening     Flora went down with Her     Mrs Washing but not a very good day to dry     nother Boiler went to West Topeka     this make the third one beside the old one     Big expences going on round John Stevens     bring new Bucket Back instead of the old they had    we bought Perfume from Bertha Lewies 10.cts     Geo Grisley is going over Naveada very day with his Wife     he is night shift and she is afraid to stay in the House alone

Ther. 3 Tues. Jan 9, 1900       Wea. fine Snow about 1 inch this morning but it was very fine for this time of the year took lot of timber down Topeka Mine before taking up track by the 7th Level     Hugh Williams got the loaction of the Gold Banner Lode and we was fixing it     West Virginia Lode 5816* Patent jion*ing     Will came up after coal and Willey was lost over in Mr Mitchell     GranMa went down on a Run     Granma was over Ms. Kline     i went over to Mr Stanfield name of No5826 West Virginia see some track round the Mill

Ther. 7 Wed. Jan. 10, 1900     Wea. Cold until about 2 or 3 o Clock Mrs. went down store   Send the money to Henry O Walker for Recording the claims     James Chelaw was round    bought two Pair Stocks and 3 handckey and Dress Calicaco for Granma and ordor pair of Shoe for Mrs. Jimmey* had Buggy to Carrie     Starting the Compresors on the Topeka West   we heard the noise when i was writing this      fine moon light at this time of writing     Dixion lost champion ship last night

Ther.                Thurs. Jan. 11, 1900   Wea. not so bad this morning but Towards night it turn cold and windy  very cold.  the coldest we had this year. or Fall  Jhoney Bring Willey Home  it was to windy for he to come alone   Will took the Trunk down to his House   GranMa was down Mrs. John H Williams mending fixing on the East Side of Shaft putting in timber    Mrs. Williams an Eliza was over few minutes windy tonight    Weds Aspen Man Mr Albert Garland of Aspen and Miss Clara Morgan of Central City - united in marriage

Ther.                Fri. Jan. 12, 1900        Wea. Cold this morning but no snow   Drilling Machines was going allright today   Mrs. went down to Mrs John H Williams to Patch up   very good weather towards evening   nice for this time of the year    Drum come to West Topeka   Mr Shawl had coal and horse was hurt Fall on the ice    Lot of Stuff coming up to the Topeka right a long but will be an end before long

Ther.                Sat. Jan. 13, 1900       Wea. Very far day   windy  

Pay Day on the Topeka Mine   my check was $75.00 3 per day and Mrs went down gulch right away after Supper to have cash and Bought Willey overhaul and bring home candy    Flora was up looking if Willey was Home    Boys was carrying Some iron from here     Flora brought candy up Sunday morning for Willey    She was up before Willey was Dress.  Johny Nichole started Bossing. Shift Boss on 11 o clock Shift to night Topeka  Thos Turner going on the Drill

Ther.                Sun. Jan. 14, 1900      Wea.

Hugh J. Williams was up to Settled about the work done on the Gold Standard and Gold Banner Gold Bell and Gold Stone  Gold Princess Lodes   Hugh Williams was Paid $20.75 and Loue Shafter $16.00. and Evan Williams $2.50  Lou work on the West Randolph 2 days and Evam Williams one day   I and Mrs. went over towards Eldorado    fine day   no wind   See the Topeka Buildings   Mr Shawl  Paid Rent  R O Hughes House $8.00   Ms John Williams was up   also E P Owens was over a while   Geo Bennett hirt his foot 3 clock shift.

Ther.                Mon. Jan. 15, 1900     Wea. snow Snow about Noon  Gran Ma washing   Willey went to Shcool and bought gloves for carrying Mail   Gran Ma said He could have some   Mr. Williams bring Old country Paper to see about War in Africka   Quiet 3 o'clock to day most every Body work 8 hour shift   was over to see Mr Bennett Strain his foot last night   Lot of work on the West Topeka on Top good many Traming* today

Ther.                Tues. Jan. 16, 1900    Wea. Cold and Windey but not much Snow this morning  Wiley went to School   Mrs Bennett went to Central for trail (trial) of the Cow with Pleshek   They had one before in the Fall   Horse with the Saddle Run round all day and lat night   Mrs Williams was down Gulch bring Mail   big Vein in Cross Cut in Loutus 30 ft wide   Republican Denver News good ore in Spice payment

Ther.                Wed. Jan. 17, 1900     Wea. Snow some this morning but it didn't snow much but not so bad a day  Teams Hauling from Delaware  3 this evening with Load   Willey and Johney Trebilcock Playing making a big noise  Gran Ma was Mad with them   work on the Building  coal come for Phelps  Phelps put some things in the Cabin   Mrs. was over Mrs Williams with something   write letters too R. O. Hugh  W O Edwards' tonight

Ther.                Thurs. Jan. 18, 1900   Wea. Fine Day - extra fine lot of lagging Poles and Stulls came down and we was taking them off with the Skip'o   Mr James Schlew was over tonight   Mrs bought Corset $1.00  Stocks for her and Willey  two Pair each  50 for the 4   Phelps moved to the Grand Palace    H Keys' Hauling from the Delaware   Annie went down Gulch   Joh H Williams was sick   wasn't up to the Mine Bossing   Send PO order by E P Owens to R. O Hughes  WO. Edwards $8.00 Each

Ther.                Fri. Jan. 19, 1900        Wea. Fine Day getting down Timbers before the would brake up the Track making a switch by the West Topeka Shaft  Mrs. went down to Fiesbel* and got a Low Pair of Shoes   Elizabeth Williams and Minnie Trebilcock was Dress in Mens Clothes   come after Dark and nock at the Door   Mrs went after Willey down Home   Parties moved to Alx* Klien old House a few days ago   Teams Hauling from Delaware Mine   Case of M Pleshek  C G Leeling   Possession of a Cow   Pleshek lost cast (case) $700 hundred

Ther.                Sat. Jan. 20, 1900       Wea. Extra fine day   working on Top unloading   Bricks*    and afternoon dig for foundation for Powder House     Carpenters work on the assey office or they say the are going to have one and Stone Mason Building under the Building it is a great expences.   Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Leabioth Jones come up also E P Owens   E Evans and Children   Mr. Phelps was over for a  while i was over Mr E. P Owens Cabin   Willey went to Sunday School. fine day

Ther.    Sun. (crossed out and wrote Monday)

Jan. 21, 1900  Wea.  fine Day and a great day, we had a strike on the Topeka   Miners and Machine men and we did come to terms    i was working on top digging a Ditch for the Powder House    John Williams Building a Powder House   we had a great time for a while but it did end all right for Luck   made a mistake of this put down Monday instead of Sunday. Sunday was a a very fine day take it all through   Parties moved to Dollars House Saturday and was here after water*

Ther.                Mon. Jan. 22, 1900     Wea. fair   this was put down for Sat    Extra fine Day   working on Top   unloaded Brick and didding a Foundation for Powder House an the Balance carrying Lumber round   Richardson was Sick to day   allright.   Good many round for the Stricke   lot of Men out of work all through the County   Richardson and Tounsend went to Denver; on a Bussnis   Ms. Richardson was here   Mrs Gray was round Collecting money for Mr and Mrs John Martin   He is not well   has'ent able to work   got like the Balance of Miners Diease

Ther.                Tues. Jan. 23, 1900    Wea. Fine Day  blowing Litter in the Morning and towards noon warm until night  Big Crowds looking for work all day long and we was deeding a Ditch towards the Powder House   Bebbe was biggest part of the time   some of the Paper Harnnegicvs went Home   Quiet   N O #24*  Fanney Joyce went to Boulder after Carrie and Children   they have being Sick there for a long time  went with the morning train   leaves Central 7 A M had to leave there before daylight   daylight about 7 AM

Ther.                Wed. Jan. 24, 1900     Wea. Cold day  windey   rather rough to Stand out to work   moved the Mazarine* West of the Building and Short Ore and then help with the Powder House   Put Sheet Iorn on and fill up.   behind with dirt.   Building Chimney  the Brick layers on the Asseys Office and Putting on Paper on the Side   Mrs was over Mrs. Klein   also Ms John H Williams and is bring Home for Willey the Plates  the Put on the paper    Tommy Williams and Pugh Morgan  Bill Noye came up an got their time check going to Cripple Creek

Ther.                Thurs. Jan. 25, 1900   Wea. Cold for a while in the Morning and then towards evening we was putting Sheet Iorn on the Powder House   it was a cold Job   take it all through   J H Rily* was up the Delawar and Smith with few more   we are work on Top so far east*   Geo Bennett working again   started yesterday   Tom Turner came after his time   carpenters putting in Windows and working on the Office.   Carrie and Fanney came Home this evening from Boulder City after being there good while

Ther.    11        Fri. Jan. 26, 1900        Wea. Rather cold but is wasent not so bad  making Boxes for Ditch and packing ashes tae fill it up  E P Owens West Topeka   John H Williams with the Powder House   Roberts was over for a while this evening   talk is they start up before long. Will fetch Willey up this evening   rather windy to night   Lunching Renolds one of convict at Cannon City   He was cought at Florance and Bring to Cannon City   4 Eskape after Killed the Gaurd about 1 o clock at night

Ther.                Sat. Jan. 27, 1900       Wea. Cold Day  very Cold to work outside fixing up the Dicth for the Powder House   Help to onload two Wagon Load of 6 inch Air pups for Compressor for the East Shaft   Mr Phelps come Home from Denver   Mr Richardsen was up today   Ms J H Williams was up and Ms was over Ms Williams   Mr Silverman was round.  Start too Snow about 9 Clock tonight but it didint Snow much about 2 inches but it was most too clod to Snow much

Ther.                Sun. Jan. 28, 1900      Wea. About two inches of Snow and cold windy   it was the coldest day we had So far this winter  Mr. Phelps was over awhile this morning   Daniel Evans was up for a while and then went over to Virginia Mine   Willy and Flora was here Playing all the afternoon   good many was working on the Topeka today   Will cleaning the Boiler on the Delaware MINE   Thos Turner come up last night   Married in Denver City Thursday night toe Annie Keasts or Mrs. Mellous.

Ther.                Mon. Jan. 29, 1900     Wea. Snow some   it was a rough day   take it all through and we finnest the Ditch for the Pipe to the Powder House and Steam was turn on   allright in the afternoon   Willy went too School   Stop some that was working down below on the Air Drills   Joe Kittige was the Helper and Started to Snow to night but not a great deal   the wind and cold was the worst of it

Ther.                Tues. Jan. 30, 1900    Wea.  Will Sterns Brok his leg this morning comeing Home from work   Horse fell on him  Stormey and cold   too cold for us to work    Sam Roberts Broke his finger clean off   Mrs. Carrie Hughes was up washing tio*   Mrs Williams Bougt* things from Peddler  about $1.00 worth  Hauling from the Delaware    look like storm again   it was the coldest day we had this winter   to rough to work outside  Mrs went down to Will to see how Hazel his but she is Sick   ate

Ther.                Wed. Jan. 31, 1900     Wea. Cold this Morning   very cold for 2 or 3 hours and then it was a very fair Day finest the   Powder House put Dirt Floor in it   John Williams Home haveing some of his teeth pull out  Sherman Harris in Denver since Monday   See John Stevens on my way Home after haveing returned first class $57.00 and Second $20.00 clear of everything not so bad   Phelps moved toward Pine Creek

Ther.                Thurs. Feb. 1, 1900                 Wea. not so bad in the morning but after Dinner it did turn cold  i was wheeling coal in and Pileing up old Lumber that was round.  S. Harris come Home from Denver   Engine broke on the Delaware   John Williams Home Sick   carpenters putting on siding Engine Room and Door Between boiler and Engine Room  Boy Born to Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hughes   Dr Moore attended the Sick   Both doing well at present.

Ther.                Fri. Feb. 2, 1900          Wea. Not so very Bad day   Cold and little wind  digging a Room Tank and a then John Nichlos said that i was through for a while that he would let me know when there is a chance again   Putting down 3 inch Pipe down Shaft Noon: hours E P Owens working on    Hugh J Williams was up for a while   Willy got Shaken up was a Bad Boy when Mr Williams was in.  A Ittilian Lady died   live below Hugh Hughe House  Baby living well and doing well

Ther.                Sat. Feb. 3, 1900        Wea. Starting a New Hole on the West Deleware Lode in the Gulch or near the Gulch   rather a rough day but it wasn't a Bad digging   Hug J Williams went to Central too try and see Roberts about the Lease   Mr McKinley was talking about a Lease   Hugh J Williams didn't see Mr Roberts to day   He wasn't Home   No Snow today  ground baer   Klondike Joe an Ms Biffesover* got married   they staid at Alen Klien this evening

Ther.                Sun. Feb. 4, 1900       Wea. Very nice day  only Little cold  no Snow  Mrs. Williams was up after Hugh J Williams   Sherman Harris went to Denver City.  Funeral of the Italian Lady to day in Central City. Will and Family went to Sunday School   working Sundays on the Topeka Mines   so far good many went to Church tonight. Mrs. Williams went down Gulch tonight

Ther.                Mon. Feb. 5, 1900       Wea.  Burt Beall come after water  it was Snowing and Stormey all Day and cold   Start to work on the Virginia in 3 60 contract $3.50 per foot  very far ground too Start with. Wash Day but didn't Dry them the last two or 3 times   Willey Sick today   Headache   didn't go too School.  Mrs. Hoskins was over too talk about R. O Hughes Lower House   Mr. Shawl is working night Shift   first for a long while   Starting Point for us 19? ft. 6 inches an the Croun Point Virginia

Ther.                Tues. Feb. 6, 1900      Wea. Rather cold in the morning but not so bad day   Crown Point Virginia Co was up today and the was well please with it   going to make a skip or sripe* Road of it   Bought a Mill in Idaho Springs   J Nichols told E. P Owens for me to come too work and i decied to Stop on the Virgina for a while   one Man Quiet on the Virgina    Mrs. Bray was visit Will Faimly   Thos. Hughes and Owen was up after water   E P Owens was over to see if i was going in the Morning.

Ther.                Wed. Feb. 7, 1900      Wea. Snow some all Day  Charles Allen Shot his wife and Daughter in Black Hawk and then himself  his Daughter is Dead.   Mrs Williams Cow had a calf early this Morning   Evan Williams got 3 Drills about two 2 foot Long   Ms. thought that the Delaware was on Fire but it wasn't   only Steam gauge Blowing off   Will went up to see about it   Some of the Topeka Co was up for a Short Visit   Ms was down Mrs. John Williams  Scandnevin Start up too day up on Quartz Hill.  Mr. Harris come up from Denver this morning Train_

Ther.                Thurs. Feb. 8, 1900     Wea. Cold day this Morning and I wasn't working  had Headache   Mr Beal an This Hughes was up with 10 Lbs Bucket  James Schlew was round Peddling and had Histroy of Africa but didit take Ordor   the Lady that was Shot in Black Hawk Died to day and they took the Husband to Denver for Safe Keeping.   Mrs. was down Will and Ms John Williams

Ther.                Fri. Feb. 9, 1900                      Wea. Very fair day   Cold in the morning but in the afternoon very good  we was working outside for the Co fixing up the water Boxes   the water was Running down the Road   Albert Lintz had his fingers smash the first half Shift he work   H P Lowe was up  he was in Harris when we come by   Will Sterns had his Leg set again   he broke two Bones   the didit Set but one.  Received a letter from W. O Edwards   Sweet Home.

Ther.                Sat. Feb. 10, 1900      Wea. Pay day on the Topeka   Received $75.00 dollars   Mr. Shawl Paid Rent for R O Hughes House  $8.00   also Ms Bennett Paid Rent to W O Edwards  $8.00   lost half a day on the Virgina to go and get check on the Topeka   Mr H P Lowe was round and then went over to Virgina Cannon Idaho Springs   Abraham Mitchell Quiet on the Topeka on account of only was getting $2.75 per Day instead $3.00 per Day   Alva is Sick but it is getting better   Mrs. Hoskins complein of the House being Cold   John Nichloes of the Topeka is Sick in Bed with Thypoid Fever-

Ther.                Sun. Feb. 11, 1900                 Wea. fine day in the Morning but towards night it did Snow   look like if we was going to have a  Big Snow  Bert Beall was up after water with a 10 Lbs Bucket   Ms John Williams was up this evening   Alva is getting Better   Slow   Mr W Mellow girl had two doctors   Lilley Evans bring the milk the first time since the cow. is fresh . this time  Will went down the Gulch to help Geo Stevens with the Palace Hotel   E P Owens had a good many visiters   Will got the Rep* Show* took it with him down Gulch

Ther.                Mon. Feb. 12, 1900     Wea. Little Snow about 3 or 4 inches of it   cold this evening   James Schlew bring Pair of gloves 90cts  good ones  very warm   work in the Drift contract comences Haul Ore from the Crown Point Virgina   Johney Doe has got the contract hauling it too Idaho Springs   Fred Richards was hurt on the head  he was trying to go up Man way Air Drills wasent working on the Topeka  no coal there   meet Thos Pate's going to work first time in long while   Freeland Extenson is closed down where Chal Rice was Bossing.

Ther.                Tues. Feb. 13, 1900    Wea. Snow some all Day but not a great Deal. Abe Mitchell and R. Baten was looking at the Wings in 460   Hugh O Williams has'ent working   the Supt. was down to day. Mrs. Mitchell and children was over  Ms Williams rather hard walking to come Home Tonight on account of Snow   Ms Lewies was up with the Team from Ranch  The Air compressor wasent working the Last 3 Days on the West Topeka  no coal for it. Tamey Williams came Home from Cripple Creek this evening

Ther.                Wed. Feb. 14, 1900    Wea. Snow today  it is about 6 inches but not So Cold   Hugh J Williams wasent working today   the Co. was up the Delaware   James Schlew and 2 Men from Denver was up Croun Point Virgina looking for Lease and so forth  Will bring up Leggings to go throught Snow   Willey couldit go to School  to much Snow   John Sutton was buried to day. Old Piooner 59-er   hauling ore from the Virgina.  Alva is getting better those Days.

Ther.                Thurs. Feb. 15, 1900   Wea. Snow very near all day  it is a hard road to go over Virgina Mine two men from Idaho Springs going in the contract with Hugh Williams on the winye*  Daniel Evans fixing the Shaft great deal of today  good many men round looking for working hauling Ore to Idaho Springs

Ther.                Fri. Feb. 16, 1900        Wea. Very Stormey Day  wind blowing very hard at times and cold   one of the coldest we had this winter   it has storm Since Monday and told the roughest week we had this winter   Richard Hughes was Hauling Ore with Sledge too much Snow for Wagens it made a hard walking to work

Ther.                Sat. Feb. 17, 1900      Wea. Cold this morning but walking wasent not so bad and long about noon it was very Bad and about quieten time nice weather only snow on the ground about 2 feet up in Pine Creek Hugh Williams and Tomey work in the winge* to day and we are going in the morning or tomorrow night

Ther.                Sun. Feb. 18, 1900                 Wea. Nice Day but some Snow on the ground i went up with Mr McKinley Mr Beal to see the Randolph working night Shaft Starting a Winye* in the 460   the are in a hury for it too get Air* prize* 4.25 per foot   Alva Flora was up while Papa was up making fire up Delaware Mine   Thought good Today Willey went to Sunday School   air compresor wasent working on the Topeka no more Sunday  Works only the East Shaft

Ther.                Mon. Feb. 19, 1900     Wea. Nice Day but it dont Dry the clothes very good   Mr Shawl went east on Mining Bussens today   Early this morning Doc Paul and an Expert is up in the Delaware examening the Mine   Mrs went down Gulch to Pay W G Evans for assesment work on the Ffestiniog*  Gray look some like Storm    Beall after Water   Ms Oliver was round collecting for the Preacher   E P Owens give a Dollar    Horse that Doc Paul had broke the strap and Bertha coat him juist in time

Ther.                Tues. Feb. 20, 1900    Wea. Cold Day but clear.  Sun shine  Samuel Hughes was round after Ordors   Mrs went down Mrs Williams and Will    Geo Stevens going back on the Lease on the Gem by the Stewart   Great Stormy of wind and Snow   when i was coming home it was a hard time to make it from the maine road and it was a good thing it was moon light   Men from Central Starting in the 360 Drift where we was_.

Ther.                Wed. Feb. 21, 1900    Wea. Stormey this morning but towards noon it wasent very Bad  Mr Shawl hasent going East ate he is wating on some papers and then he will go   Willey didint go to School   to Stormey weather for him   Man round with Medicine he has had being in the Cuba War   Put up the Windless tonight on the night Shift    haiost water in the Shaft 8 hour Shift to go down to 600 hundred

Ther.                Thurs. Feb. 22, 1900   Wea. Fine Day for this time of the year  Opening of the New Court House in Central by given a Washaington Birth-Day. Dance Piooners Great time   Mrs down J H Williams finnes fixing the Leggings.  Mrs Brought a Rapper from the dutch Lady that comes round with Her Daughter    got Letter from Minneapolis W H Hughes   Mother hurt Her Leg   great trouble   Hayes and Wheeler Burned down. Powder Explosion by the Boiler

Ther.                Fri. Feb. 23, 1900        Wea. Fine day again   Snow 2 Clock this morning   when we was coming Home night Shift it was rough too   Mr Seymour round for Ordors   Willey wanted a Rope   him and Alva  Granma quarling about the rope.  Great Excitment  the Crown Point Virgina Burn down and Hugh Williams Dan Williams and Me was down Shaft   Big crowd was round the Building when we came up   Willey and Granma was crying and Holering though Shurer we was gone

Ther.                Sat. Feb. 24, 1900                  Wea. Cold and cloudy   look like Storm  Wm Shawl went East on Minning Bussness St Louis   Dan Evans was up tonight and Said that they was going to fix up again rightaway as soon as things would come round Insuranc Co   Wiley come Home in good time   he was a good Boy   Johney Williams was over to see the ruins of Virgina Mine

Ther.                Sun. Feb. 25, 1900                 Wea. Rather cold day but not so bad  Willey went to Sunday School   Moss bring the Mail one Letter from Geo Seigrest   E P Owens was over a while in the after noon   Granma was down to Will after Willey.  The Engine come too the Virginia after the fire   only one temperey one until they will be fix up and then get things in good Shape

Ther.                Mon. Feb. 26, 1900     Wea. Hugh Williams come up an cut my hair   Mrs Thos Parry come and see Mrs after the Virginia fire   Mrs E Evans and two children was up    working on the West Randolph Shaft by the Gulch down about 7' or 8' feet   Snow at present. But it didint Snow much   Joh H Williams Sick   Ms was down tonight to Ms Williams wich was sick with Headache   Elicetrical light on the Trail Between Topekas

Ther.                Tues. Feb. 27, 1900    Wea. Putting the windless on the West Randolph by the Gulch   moved some down from above   Snow some but not much   Hugh Williams was up looking round   Daniel Evans was up this evening   Beal was up today after water   Hugh J Williams was up Delaware.  Loade of Coal went to Mr Robin by the Gulch Shaft.  Alva was up and start for the Delaware  Maneger Towenson is out of the Topeka Mine and they will have a New one some Said John Nicholls

Ther.                Wed. Feb. 28, 1900    Wea. Cold this morning but not so Bad day after all  put a Blast in the West Randolph had a big rock   3 Italians dress partly in women clothes   they was drink  had a carivanal in the old country.  Ms was down J H Williams for a while   James Schlew and his mother was up Visiting Mrs John Williams  Mrs Shawl  Boys round the Mill after Rabbits.  D Moelburey child small one not over 2 or 3.

Ther.                Thurs. Mar. 1, 1900     Wea. Italian Hurt in Waratoga   Blast went off. hands and feet bruised Bad  found the Vain on West Randolph in the Gulch  Shaft   Daniel Evans was up tonight  want to work on the Virginia tomorrow.  E. P. Owens home Sick   Bertha Lewies went to Central too work  March come in not so bad  windey that was all. Lady come to see Mrs Williams about Book agent. Stop good maney on the Topeka   only few working beside the Shaft   East Shaft.

Ther.                Fri. Mar. 2, 1900                      Wea.  Starting to work in the Virginia after the fire  working for the Co on Top Carries the Sheet Iorn and wheeling Dirt that was on the Platform   Engine starting to work some too  See how it would go   very warm to day  water running in Streem all over   Come Home after the Jack. Plain. Mrs Williams going down Gulch

Ther.                Sat. Mar. 3, 1900        Wea.  Funreal of Ms and Mr D Mooberry child 4 months old   Big funeral for a child   fine Day  Putting Rowlers in the Virgina Shaft  E P Owens was over a while   got a Pair of new Shoes from Hawley Mdse Co for going back and fourth  Wm Joyce Stop on the Spicepayment  *  Hauling Ore from the Delaware Mine   Got Pair of Shoes from Hawley Msde

Ther.                Mon. Mar. 5, 1900       Wea. Not So very Bad this morning but it did turn cold before noon and this evening it was Cold coming Home   couldint work in the Winye* on account of gas had to get Fan   throughing dirt down the Siut* for Co 4 days work for Co this for this month   Willey came Home Noon an it was too rough to go again Today   Granma had coal in Her Eye   work 4 days in all this month for The Co

Ther.                Tues. Mar. 6, 1900      Wea. Very Windey  Cold   blow the Smoke Stack on the Virgina and the other part of the Way* Team was up today.  Co team going to Black Hawk for the Wagons.  Mr Rilley was over to day Just after i come   He want Extenison on the Lease  i went down too see Mr Stanfield about turning the Loaction of the Gold Standard Claims over too us   E P Owens Starting on the Virginia   Ms Williams was up   Quiet early tonight.

Ther.                Wed. Mar. 7, 1900      Wea. Very Fair day   not so cold   put in the Slide in the Wing*   went down to Mr Stanfield to make the Deeds for the Gold Standard gruop in Fall river Virgina Mindist Pay day with Mr Stanfield on the Spicepayment Mine    got the Quiet claims Deeds from Central with W Hopkins James Tineray was over Virgina Mine Bucket was coat* under water tonight night Shift Hugh and Thos Williams didint work but half a shift

Ther.                Thurs. Mar. 8, 1900     Wea. Very fair day   no Snow   the Deeds went away for Record to Geogetown, Colo   Send with Hugh J Williams   Recived a letter from R O Hughes  Wis   Eating in the Shaft House today   Start too dig a foundation for the Engine in Virginia   Johnson and Parnter didint work only today too fines the contrack in the Drift   want more wages  or Prize*  $3.00 per foot instead of 2.45*.

Ther.                Fri. Mar. 9, 1900                      Wea. Cold this Morning but not so Bad a day after all. Mrs. Hoskins Send for all glass for the back window of R O Hughes Small House. Some man from Nevada was looking at the Drift in 360 ft good many men looking for working   they Say that they ar going to closed the Delaware down   let them closed it   nobody kickes

Ther.                Sat. Mar. 10, 1900      Wea. Fine Day. Paid day on the Crown Point Virgina   Recived $42.47   didint make much headway today   Drill wouldt stand  broke or going back one round of holes   Ms going down Store after i come Home from work  Will lost the job on the Town Lode  putting up the Smoke stack that was blow down with wind  Thuesday night    Little Griffith Evans is sick   has being for 3 or 4 days   Baby Died in Ed Davis House on the corner.   Ms was also  Annie an Ms Mitchell it hadient being Sick but a Short time.

Ther.                Sun. Mar. 11, 1900     Wea. Extra fine    day like Summer dy  putting in a Pain of Glass in the window   Kitchen window   working tonight   Mrs was down to see Little Griffith Evans   he is better tha he was but not safe   got the Bills from Hawley Mdse Co of R O Hughes   good deal of gambling round the Gulch today   some out all night and Part fallday but it was a great time for Gambliers   Really*   Ms Oliver down   Mr and Mrs R Griffith expecting a new arrival soon

Ther.                Mon. Mar. 12, 1900     Wea. Mrs went to Central City and god ride back with the Teams for the Funreal of the Baby of Foluks that lives in Ed Davies House   very nice day like Summer day   Littenger was round with Tea  two Pounds   Hopkins was up.   Pumping in the Delaware again   Will want to se* Kimlok* to see about work driving an Engine for the Town Lode   Willey didint get anything from Grandma from Central City

Ther.                Tues. Mar. 13, 1900    Wea. W. L. Roberts was over from Central   He had a new Co   Mr Graines of the Hays and Wheeler   *ine   Ms Lewies and and Ms Leo Jones was up to see Ms Bennitt   Grandma was washing to day   look like Storm   taken air* comprisor from the West Topeka away.   Some place back East i gess   Mr Rilley and Smith was over  want the West Delaware Lease   Snow Some towards night   Winz* very Hard to night.

Ther.                Wed. Mar. 14, 1900    Wea. Snow but melting Just us fast as it dus come down   not cold  H P Lowe round the Topeka fixing up to come to some terms   got $5.00 per Foot in the wentz* after 31 ft it is a Hard ground  hardest ever was in the Virgina Mine by a long way   it was a cold night and this morning coming Home was cold nuf too So far

Ther.                Thurs. Mar. 15, 1900   Wea. Didint go to work tonight  had a Sick headache   John J Riley and Mr Smith was over and we give the extension of the Lease for 18th months from Febaruy 1900. hur* Proje 3500 for all in this deal. Hugh Williams starting a new winiz* towards the Shaft. it was off of the Vein all-together in Virgina Crown Point Mine

Ther.                Fri. Mar. 16, 1900        Wea. Cold day and few Storms off an on  E P Owens starting a Shift Boss on the Crown Point Virgina Mine night Shift  Prommoted is good Stile Willey staded late in School   i hear some talking Mechine Dance tonight give by the Base Ball Team of Russell Gulch working on the new wing* tonight   5 men put to work night shift on the Crown Point Virgina   Joe Richards one 3 from Central and other from Russell Gulch

Ther.                Sat. Mar. 17, 1900      Wea. Cold but not so Bad day. Willey went up Delaware for Papa to Bore a hole in the Schell  German women peddler and her Daughter was round  didint buy anything   Coal very near gone again   Joe Williams and Joe Wood had a fight over a Girl since the night of the Dance last night   the wasent on a good terms   Joe Williams come out Vicogtorius over the fight but i not know how won the girl.   Annie Klien come up from Denver

Ther.                Sun. Mar. 18, 1900     Wea. Work today   day Shift in the winz* down about 8 feet   E Evans was up to night for a while   Flora and Florance and Willey was up for Supper   big crowd of children playing rownd the House when i come Home   Will was just coming from the Delaware  Topeka West dont work on Sunday at present not so much work going on now as they was while back   East Shaft Still going with 3 Shift  (bird illustration?)  Jerry Williams and Annie Klien was over   Ms Rickard for Supper

Ther.                Mon. Mar. 19, 1900     Wea. Windey this morning   blow the Black Smith Shop down in good shape   Dirt Bucket went down.  Sump for* the 460 Pole give away in the 460  L W Rolen* was over and said that Gaines went to Atchison Kansas   Survevey was down in the winz*  Surveying the winz   Put up the Windless up in the Winz and Start too hiost with it about 4 of Clock

Ther.                Tues. Mar. 20, 1900    Wea. Snow about an inch this evening Teams hauling Ore rightalong hard to keep the Teams going with Ore   So far Mrs iorning and clean the Cup board and cleaning Shelves   Sick   PUting two men on the Dump today   Ms shawl heard from Mr Shawl will be Home in few days and made as well as he expected

Ther.                Wed. Mar. 21, 1900    Wea. Fine Day again Wm Noye took the 360 Drift in Virgina. Charles Brayan hurt his foot in the Virgina  Rock come down Sut*  Ed Davies come down or up from Central to take* my knowledge of the Lease of the West Delaware   Mrs was over Ms Klien   Annie Klein is Home since Saturday but we dedint know until today  Exploison with John Bray and Johney Joyce   Stick of Powder went off  Blowd the Roof of the Building off  Close Called.   Plicghy* struck ore in Wendoate Lode

Ther.                Thurs. Mar. 22, 1900   Wea. Fine Day Easting Dinner outside of the Building   Mrs Williams come up this evening for a while   Ms Thos Parry was up the Gulch   Miss Annie Klien went to Odd Fellows Lodge this evening   Mr Wm Shawl come Home from the Trip East St Louies event to see for Co* for Prompt Pay. Dan Evans and Pugh Morgan* and trouble about not get work in Virgina   John Richards was with Pugh

Ther.                Fri. Mar. 23, 1900        Wea. About half inch of Snow this evening    fine day to day.  E Evans calf went to Butcher   Hauling ore form the Delaware Mine   Mrs went down Ms John H Williams today meet Mr E Evans comeing Home from work ordor coal with Mr Seymour   Big Sale made on the Stanley group in Idaho springs 35 Patened claims for the Sum of $100 500 000 one Million five hundred dollars to Canadians  mad the Sale this week  Some time fising* an Engine on the Old Town Mine    Graham    Hot*

Ther.                Sat. Mar. 24, 1900      Wea. Fine Day Retslaek*  Quiet on the Virgina   went on the Centenial Chase Gulch  Starting to Dug foundation for the Engine  the new Engine Some of the men wasent working today  wasent nuf in the mine to keep the Tramers gone   Miss Annie Klien went down to Denver with the morning Train   Omedila went too   Bossing on the Finesc* Burraughs get $100 per month and not work Sunday  good Pay

Ther.                Sun. Mar. 25, 1900     Wea. Will was up Delaware cleaning the Boiler and i was working on the Virgina in the winz* about 25 ft down   Willey Alva and Flora was up for Supper  Alva come and meet me by Ms Mitchell   look like Storm   Reading Some of D Rolant Sermon this evening   they was very good some of them bring Home a Small Pine Tree and tony the Rabbit eat it all down to the Root

Ther.                Mon. Mar. 26, 1900     Wea. Look like a Storm but it didint after all   Granma Wash   they wasent no School nor it wont be for this week   Mrs J H Williams was up this evening   good many men Start to work this morning on the Virgina   Bring Home 3 Small Pine Tree for Planting   Heard of Mr and Ms William Morgans Boy got Blasted in Sunshine Boulder Co Colo   got Both eyes Blasted out and we don't know how much more He is hurted

Ther.                Tues. Mar. 27, 1900    Wea. Snow today  very near all day but it haint very deep but look like Storm again Ms John H Williams was up after eeast and Bread. Coal come today. some snow to pull* up   Just one ton 1 Ton of coal   W O Edwards Post office ordor come Back it was send to Columbus Ohio instead of Columbus Wis.   Flora Sleep up with Granma tonight   Baker didint come round tonight  had a Run away   Started about Russell Gulch