Links of Interest

Please enjoy the Ghost Towns of all states and respect their importance. I have provided some links I think some of you may enjoy.

Want the lowdown on where some of Colorado Ghost Towns might be hiding…

Follow this link and order your books.

Make sure to use the code “FAIRPLAY” to get your discount as a visitor from the Rocky Mountain Profiles web site. Go to their web site to take a look and to place your order.

If you have not read his books you need to buy some of them. In the mean time check out his new web site. The website for Colorado historian Kenneth Jessen.

A Travel Site for the Nostalgic and Historic Minded – I really like this one.


If you are interested in Soapy Smith check out this site.

Great site – Great Photography – Great History a must see site. Jeff also has some interesting books.

If you like GREAT photography of Ghost towns check out Steve Bingham’s site. Ghost towns of the old west.

Great site with plenty of listings and maps. Click the link and explore Western Mining History.

Even people from the UK appreciate the beauty of the Southwest. Great photos

A ghost town site dedicated to North Dakota. Definitely worth a visit. This site is one to watch.

Ghost Town Gallery is a photo collection of more than 1700 pictures from 180 ghost towns and historic places in the United States. Offering a ‘ basic drivers guide for Southwest travelers’

Fun site with plenty of old photos of Ghost Towns. Real good photos taken by someone that knows how to use a camera.

Great research site. Plenty of information to help in your efforts to find those elusive ghost towns and mining camps in Colorado. Many old photos from the past.

Check out these California and Nevada Ghost towns – Good site

Just joined this group and plan to attend their outing in May of 2006

Good site for research – books and maps.

A Great Magazine for fans of the Old West
“True West”

A great Nevada Ghost town Web Site

The Gunfighter Zone – Helping you relive the excitement of the ‘Wild West’

Tons of tips and tricks for creating amazing Old West themed parties and treasure hunts!

And of course no Ghost town site could be without a link to the site that started it all for me.