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Willing to Help: Yep, if you have an interesting project let me know as maybe I can help or get you some visibility to your project. I don’t or can’t always help but I enjoy learning. That includes photos, research or reviews, reconstruction, preservation or grunt work.

OKAY it is a HOBBY. Not a job. I do this for the fun of it. Please don’t expect immediate responses to anything, including but not limited to phone calls, emails, text messages, hollering, shouting or cursing, as I may be in some remote location where they have to pipe sunshine to me and feed me with a slingshot. Or I might actually be doing something productive , My wife says the productive part is highly unlikely.

I moved to Colorado in the early 1980s. I always loved the mountains and when I got a chance to relocate from Minnesota to Colorado I was packed in seconds.

I started researching and exploring Ghost towns shortly after arrival in Colorado. I bought numerous books until I ran across Kenneth Jessens ghost town series. After that his books were always my starting point. Colorado became my playground. Summers in the Mountains and winters on the Plains. Just watch out for rattlesnakes like I found at Aroya.

I also have reasons to go to various parts of the Southwest so I started to expand and include some other states. Then this idiot bought a metal detector and started going to Alaska. Well, maybe I was not an idiot as I did find some gold. Check out Kennicot as that is a great Alaskan get away.

Enjoy the ghost towns, Indian Ruins, Photos, stories and comments. Don’t forget to send in your stories.

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